Quick Tip Tuesday: Shed a Little Light on It

I have a confession to make: our family has a little flashlight addiction.

I don’t mean the addiction is small – I mean we looooove little flashlights.  If you ever need to find us in a store, just look in the aisle with the batteries and flashlights.  You’ll surely find me eyeballing the various keychain flashlights and the kids are obsessed with those tiny lights that clip on keyrings or zipper pulls.  As for my husband?  Well – just look for the headlamps.  One can never have too many headlamps.  It’s the gospel truth in our home, folks.

In all seriousness, we really do love how useful these wee lights are.  Here are just a few of the places I’ve used mini flashlights:

  1. Headlamps are handy for a variety of reasons simply because they are hands-free.  Continue reading

Quick Tip Tuesday: Lighting Stairwells & Hallways

One summer our neighborhood had power outages scheduled almost weekly due to a large construction project nearby.  During the nicer days we had very few issues with visibility because natural light streamed in the windows.  Stormy days and evenings were a bit more of an issue, especially since we have a two-story home with a lengthy flight of stairs.  How did I solve it?

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Quick Tip Tuesday: You Light Up My Life

Got flashlights?  Power outages can happen at any time, so it’s important to have flashlights around the house, not just one or two that have to be dug out of the kitchen “junk” drawer.

Next time you’re out shopping for emergency supplies, look for flashlights with wrist straps.  Pick up one for each bedroom in your home, as well as the major entrances to your home.  (Don’t forget to buy the right batteries too!)

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Hello world!

Welcome to Prepared2Thrive!

Prepared2Thrive.com is a division of American Virtue, a small family-owned company created to provide family-friendly resources to Americans from all walks of life.

This division of our company focuses on one of our core values, encouraging Individual & Community Preparedness, by offering stories from our own team’s preparedness efforts – at the family and community levels – as well as links to resources and products that will assist families in their efforts to become better prepared for whatever lies ahead.

We offer very special thanks to Wendy Brown, author of Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs: The Thrivalist’s Guide to Life Without Oil*, whose book helped us better put into words how we feel about preparedness: no doom and gloom, simply a goal to thrive after life’s crises, not just “survive” them. This philosophy combined beautifully with our choice to become affiliated with Shelf Reliance (Thrive) as independent consultants as we become, and help others become, “Prepared to Thrive”. Wendy – you are truly an inspiration!

We invite you to submit your own questions about getting your household ready for emergencies, ideas for getting communities involved in group preparedness, and suggestions of your own trusted resources for being ready for life’s little – and big – crises.  If you are a blogger or business owner, do leave us a comment with your link so we can check out your offerings.  We’re very interested in link exchanges, as well as cross-promotion opportunities and product reviews.

Thank you again for visiting Prepared2Thrive.  We look forward to learning from you and sharing with you on this pathway to preparedness!

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